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Strategy for the world ahead. 

We empower our clients to reach their unique goals in an ever-evolving world. With our expert insights into technology and societal trends, alongside the climate challenges, we help you navigate the major strategic hurdles ahead. Whether you're a government, a multilateral organisation, a civil society group, or a private sector entity, we guide you through these challenges - individually and collectively.


We are proud that alongside out clients we are working for safer, healthier world for this generation, and the next.  


Our Services

We specialise in three strategic fields

Narrative Influence

Disinformation is an issue that is in the public spotlight at present, but it is not new. However the conflict of narratives is increasingly part of every day life, as well as wider geopolitical struggles. We work with clients to intervene in the debate, to push forward their narrative to ensure it resonates as intended and as needed to deliver a positive change in the world.

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Public Health

With our experience in disinformation it was an obvious transition during the recent pandemic to addressing anti-vax and vaccine hesitancy narratives. Developing from our background in communications for social stability and security, we are supporting healthcare clients in addressing wider barriers to healthcare equity, and how by addressing healthcare issues we can improve social resilience and societal preparedness.


Climate Change Prevention and Mitigation

There is no issue more urgent to a better future than  to ensure a healthy planet. Working with established partners in the climate debate, we translate the science into new strategic direction to engage individuals, corporates, governments and international organisations to take the action needed for a healthy planet.


Proud of our partners

We have worked with clinets across the globe. Find out more below. 

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